Monday, November 9, 2009

weekend activity

well the weekend did not yield much in the way of culinary excitement as i mainly stuck to leftovers, pasta and raw fruits and veggies (with one exception that we'll get to in a minute). some of the fruits were a bit exciting... had my first passion fruit or lilikoi... very nice, if a bit tart. had a persimmon that was superb. if you can track one (or more) down give an arkansas black apple a try... these are pretty neat apples. with the season now there have been all sorts of different apples and pears popping up at our local market and we've been evaluating each type as it shows up... our favorite apples right now are ambrosia and liberty. the arkansas black is worth trying, but a bit of a meal in itself. as pears go, the small seckel pear is a great treat as are the starkrimsons.

as far as the rye recipe, that will be a work in progress... took the weekend off from baking.

yesterday morning things did get a little exciting in the kitchen with a request for crepes. the request was granted and here's what we ended up with:

macsweeney's crepes:

-1/2 cup unbleached flour (i'm sure other types of flour would work fine... and i may try whole wheat or rice or spelt at some point)

-3/4 cup milk ( i ended up using 1/4 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup rice milk... any combination of milks/milk substitutes should work)

-1 egg (may try a vegan version with two whites sometime)

-1/2 tsp salt

this makes enough batter for three to four crepes... more like three.

mix all of these ingredients until you've got a nice smooth batter and then cover and set it aside for at least 20 minutes (plenty of time to get your topping(s) ready). if you've got a cast iron skillet then you'll want to put it in the oven at this point and turn the oven to 350.

for the topping i whipped up a banana (a trick is to smash it as much as possible while still in the peel), a few tablespoons of yogurt, some crushed walnuts and a some black currants with a little, tiny bit of maple syrup. vanilla would have been good now that i think about it. i also cut a few strawberries and kiwis into heart shapes for the bird.

i like my toppings chilled, but that can cool the crepes down, so i guess it's up to you what to do with the toppings.

once the batter has rested you can pull the cast iron out of the oven (turn the oven off or to low) and place it on the stove and set the burner to about medium. oil or butter both work to keep the crepes from sticking... i went with butter this time but coconut oil would be just as good.

pour the batter into the pan starting at the center and spiraling outwards so that you have a nice thin layer. cook for a couple minutes and then flip and cook for an additional minute. i stack them on a plate or piece of foil in the still warm oven to await topping.

once your batter is gone you should have a nice stack of crepes that you can top however you like... let me know how you top them and of course, enjoy!

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